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Union County Townships


The Union County flag was designed by Fairbanks High School student Jeremy Bolin.
It was adopted by the Union County Commissioners on December 1, 2002.

Union County was established by an act of the Ohio Legislature on January 10, 1820.  The creation of Union County was due largely to the efforts of Colonel James Curry of Jerome Township who served as a member of the Ohio Legislature for the 1819-1820 session.  Upon the establishment of Union County, Milford was named the seat of justice.  Marysville was named the county seat prior to May 15, 1821.


When formed, Union County included three townships.  By 1849 Union County contained fourteen townships.  Though in later years township lines would be extensively resurveyed, no new townships were ever created.


Darby Township was formed on May 10, 1803 as the second township of Franklin County.  The other two original townships of the county were Mill Creek and Union.  Mill Creek and Union Townships were formed upon the creation of Union County on January 10, 1820. 


On March 12, 1821 the township boundaries were redefined, creating five townships.  These five townships were Union, Darby, Jerome, Paris, and Mill Creek. 


In June of 1822 Liberty Township became the sixth township in Union County.  Leesburg Township was officially created in 1825 as the seventh township in the county, however its boundaries were not clearly defined at that time.  Allen Township was created as the eighth township from the southern division of Liberty Township on June 5, 1827.


On March 3, 1829, Ebenezer Cheney successfully petitioned the Union County Commissioners for the creation of a township from the northern part of Leesburg Township to be called Jackson Township.  On March 4, 1833 Cyperian Lee presented a petition to the Union County Commissioners requesting that Jackson Township be divided into two townships with the southern division being called Claibourne.  While this petition was granted, it appears that no action was made until March 5, 1834 when another petition was made for the formation of Claibourne Township.  York Township was created on December 3, 1833 from the northern section of Liberty Township.  Officially York Township was formed prior to Claibourne Township. 


Washington Township was formed as the twelfth township in the county from the northern section of York Township on June 9, 1836.  The thirteenth township formed in Union County was Dover Township.  It was officially formed by the county commissioners from a section of Mill Creek Township on March 5, 1839, though its boundaries had been established by December of 1838.


The fourteenth and final township to be formed in Union County was Taylor Township.  It was formed December 5, 1849 by granting a petition from R. L Judy.  This final township encompassed lands taken from York, Liberty, and Leesburg Townships.


Information in this section of our website has been found in many sources, primarily Beers' History of Union County (1883), Ohio Ghost Towns: No. 42 - Union County by Richard N. and Virginia G. Helwig, and the U. S. Postal Service. Some information was also provided by Marie Bouic from her presentation of Ghost Towns of Union County

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