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Leesburg Township


Parent Township(s):   

This township was the seventh township to be organized in Union County.


First Settled:   This township was first settled prior to 1820 by squatters, but more permanent settlers arrived in 1820.

First Settler:   

Several settlers arrived in the area now a part of this township in 1820.  One of the earliest settlers recorded is Simon Gates, Jr.

Surveyed:   The earliest surveys in Leesburg Township date from 1799.

Recorded:   1825

Name Origin:   

The name Leesburg originated with the unorthodox "christening" of Cyprian Lee's cabin by John L. Swartz sometime between 1820 and 1825.

Past and Present Towns and Places of Habitation:






















Past and Present US Post Offices:











One-Room Schools:  Magnetic Springs, Stringtown, Half Acre, Elliott, Styre, District Number 2, Pharisburg, Hildreth, Blackhawk, Bonnette, Bluescreek, and Beechgrove. 


Blues Creek Settlement - This community began its existence prior to 1820.  It was led by Simon Gates.

Beach Grove - This community was the site of a school house and a Christian Union Church.

Green Bend - The original community in the Magnetic Springs area was called Green Bend.  In 1881 the name was changed to Kokosing to honor the indians.

Kokosing - This is the name given to present day Magnetic Springs in 1881.

Magnet City - This is another reference to Magnetic Springs.

Magnetic Springs - Magnetic Springs grew up around the spring that was discovered on the property of J. E. Newhouse when he was digging a well to supply water to his pond.  The spring was discovered in 1879.  By the next year a dozen houses existed on the site.  A bath house and hotel accommodations were soon built for visitors to the village.  Also, by 1882 the population of the village floated between seasons from 300 to 500.  The village was able to support two hotels, a bath house, two grocery stores, a hardware store, a jeweler, a billiard parlor, a meat market, a livery stable, a blacksmith shop, and a photo gallery.  The town was officially incorporated in 1883.  By 1903 a trolley was running between Delaware and Magnetic Springs.  This line was extended to include Richwood.  By 1919 the automobile had made this trolley line obsolete.  In 1949 there was a mob presence in the village.

In 1882 the first school house was built in the village.  The consolidated Leesburg-Magnetic Springs School was organized in 1937.  The school building for this district was built in Magnetic Springs.

Maple Dell - This community was located near present day Magnetic Springs.  Today there is a cemetery and a church camp at this location.

Pharisburg - Pharisburg was founded by Allen Pharis.  It is located at the site of a community once known as Scott's Corners.  The town was platted by William B. Irwin on July 21, 1847.  The first store in the village was operated by Merilla Cameron.  A Methodist Protestant Church was organized at Pharisburg early in the village's history.  The congregation built its first house of worship here in approximately 1850.  The church built a new building in 1875.  For a period of time, the Methodist Church building also was the house of worship for the Pharisburg Universalist Church.  This town once supported three stores, two blacksmiths, and a school.  A school house was erected in the village in the early 1880s.  The Pharisburg United Methodist Church is still located in Pharisburg today.  There is no longer a school in the village since the district was eventually consolidated into the North Union School District.  Today there is also a convenience store/gas station in the village.

Scotts's Corners - This community was located on the site of present day Pharisburg prior to 1847.

Scott's Cross Roads - This is another reference to Scott's Corners.

Shenemen's Corners - This community was still in existence as late as the early 1900s.  It was located approximately 1 1/2 miles west of present day Pharisburg.

Beach Grove - This post office operated from August 10, 1837 until November 29, 1838. 

Kokosing - This post office was established on May 17, 1880, and John Smith served as the first postmaster.

Magnetic Springs - On January 31, 1881, the Kokosing post office was changed to the name of Magnetic Springs.

Pharisburgh - This post office opened on April 25, 1840 at Scott's Corners.  It closed on October 24, 1845.  Thomas Barcus was the post master.

Pharisburg - The Pharisburg post office originated at the reopening of the Pharisburgh post office on September 7, 1848.  The final "h" on the name was removed on March 27, 1849.  This post office closed on April 15, 1908.  The Marysville post office now services this community.

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