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Taylor Township


Parent Township(s):   

Taylor Township was formed from parts of Leesburg and Liberty Townships.  It was the last township Union County formed. 


First Settled:   1829

First Settler:   Adam Shirk

Surveyed:   Earliest surveys in this township date to 1799. 

Recorded:   December 5, 1849

Name Origin:  

Past and Present Towns and Places of Habitation:

Past and Present US Post Offices:










One-Room Schools:   Hall, Taylor, Broadway, Four Corners, Miller, Asbury, Braum or Brown, West Blues Creek, Bokes Creek, Phelps, Shirk, and Reed or Glasgow.  

Broadway - In August of 1865 a town was surveyed about a mile west of the proposed site of Union Center.  This town was surveyed by Deputy Surveyor A.S. Mowry.  It was recorded with the county on September 1, 1865.  The first house and store was erected on the town site in 1864 near the railroad, which had recently been completed.  The post office was established in either 1865 or 1867 varying by account, with  Peleg Cranston, Esq. the first postmaster.  At one time this small town contained three general stores, two groceries/restaurants, a two story frame school, a grocery/feed store, two millenary shops, a harness shop, two shoe/boot shops, two hotels, a livery stable, two butcher shops, and a grain elevator.  The town also once supported a newspaper, The Enterprise.  The post office was closed in 1996.

The Taylor Rural School Ditrict was eventually consolidated in Broadway.  The school building for this school district was erected in 1903.   This district would be later absorbed by the Marysville School District.

Broadway Corners - Today the intersection of SR 347 and SR 31 is commonly referred to as Broadway Corners.   This was once the location of Union Center. 

Taylor Center - This location was simply a US post office site.  It was located on the Kenton & Marysville Pike (at the present day intersection of Martin Welch Road with SR 31).  It was established in 1853 with Z. C. Pooler the postmaster.

Union Center - In 1863 a town was laid out and recorded in Taylor Township.  This town was to be known as Union Center.  The town founders were H. P. Goff, Hiram Danforth, Ira Robins, and Charles J. Sayre.  This town soon grew to include a few houses and the Goff Sawmill.  However, the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad was not built through the village as expected, and so the Goff's moved the sawmill to the present day site of Broadway.

Broadway - This post office was established December 27, 1865.  Peleg Cranston was the first postmaster.  In October of 1914, the post office was robbed, and the thieves were never caught.  Prior to its closure on February 2, 1996, this postoffice had a zipcode of 43007.

Taylor Center - This was the location of post office established on present day State Route 31.  It was established on September 3, 1857, and Z. C. Pooler served as the first postmaster.  This post office location closed on July 30, 1864.  Mail service for this community was then transferred to the Broadway post office.

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