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Query/Research Policy


Query - a request for information which is only published in our newsletter (Union Echoes). 


This is to make our members aware of the request and can contact the writer of the query to partly answer it with information on hand. Unlimited queries are published at no charge to members, but non-members are limited to one query at no charge.  A donation would be appreciated from non members for additional queries.

Research - a request for information which involves looking into various records and indexes in the Marysville Public Library.


Research services are provided only by chapter volunteers and only upon receipt of:

    1.  $10.00 - processing prior to actual research. Make check payable to Union County Chapter, OGS. 
    2.  Specific questions - keep questions as short as possible.

- Printable Research Estimate Form -

Preliminary Research Request Procedures


    1.  Your research request is received.
    2.  Your request is received by the chapter librarian.
    3.  The chapter librarian checks database for prior requests.
    4.  Upon return of the estimate form, the actual request will be answered.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

 - The $10 covers increased postage and copying costs. The donation money, after costs, is placed in the chapter's general fund.

 - Keep in mind that there is a possibility that nothing can be found for your request.

 - The Union County Chapter, OGS is not responsible for the results of any research done or arrangements made between you and a researcher.

More Research Assistance


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