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Allen Township


Parent Township(s):   

The area now known as Allen Township was originally a part of Union Township.  In 1822, this area was made a part of the newly formed Liberty Township.  It became known as Allen Township in 1827, when the area was split off from Liberty Township.  Allen Township was the eighth township in Union County to be organized.


First Settled:   approximately 1820

First Settler:  

Henry Vangordon is credited with being Allen Township's first settler, although many pioneers appeared in the area at the same time.

Surveyed:   The earliest surveys in this area were made in 1797.

Recorded:    June 5, 1827 

Name Origin:    Allen Township was named to honor Daniel Allen, an early settler of the area that eventually comprised the township lands. 

Past and Present Towns and Places of Habitation:




Past and Present US Post Offices:














One-Room Schools:  Henpeck, Stringtown, Greenwood, Railroad, Little Red Schoolhouse, Buck Run, Allen Center, Connolly, Pottersburg, and one Unknown.

Alen - 

Allen Center - Allen Center's first business was an ashery, a few years prior to Joel Eaton's purchase of five acres of land between 1848-49.  This tract of land was platted into a few lots that would comprise the town.  A US post office was was established in February of  1851, and Reuben Foote was the postmaster.  The Allen Center Baptist Church was formed in 1854.  The congregation built a frame church building in 1872.  The church congregation still exists today.  Barnet Bennet established a general store in a room of his two story house in 1862.  He sold his business to Jacob Painter by about 1865, who eventually sold out all his store stock by 1875.  The post office ceased operation at the start of the Civil War.  In 1863, the Allen Center Protestant Methodist Church was organized.  The congregation also built a small log building for worship in the same year.  By 1875 the congregation was disbanded, and the church property was sold.  Today the Allen Center Baptist Church remains in the community.  The village is also home to the Allen Township Hall.  In 1924 the Allen Township Rural School district was chartered.  The building that housed this school was erected in Allen Center in 1912.  This school district became a part of the Marysville School District in 1949.


Bear Swamp - 

Buck Run - This village was never much more than a post office site.  It is uncertain whether the post office was located in Allen Township or Union Township.


Cobberly's - This fledgling village once contained a post office and a school.  This village was located at the present day location of Inskeep-Cratty Road and North Lewisburg Road.  

Indian Fields - This site is noted as being located on the Big Darby Creek about two miles above Milford Center.  It was a camping ground for the local indians.

Pottersburg - The town had its beginnings as a stop on the Atlantic and Great Western Railway in 1864.  Captain Jonas Cline was appointed the ticket master.  In 1869, a sawmill was built in the area by Capt. Cline.  He later built the first house for Abel Lary in 1869.  Cline also built a house for himself and a small store in the area in the same year.  This town was surveyed on February 18, 1869 by Andrew S. Mowry for David A Williams and George F. Bennet.  The survey was recorded on May 1, 1869 with Union County Recorder, James Smith.   Capt. Cline was a very driving force in the growth of this village.  In 1869 he successfully petitioned for a US post office and was named the village's first postmaster.  By 1872 the railway erected a proper depot in this thriving village.  This new depot included a telegraph office.  An addition was made to the village in 1872.  This addition was surveyed by Thomas Cowgill on October 22, 1872 for W. Armstrong.  This addition was recorded on December 17, 1872 by Hiram Raney, Union County Recorder.  In 1877 the Pottersburg Methodist Episcopal Church was formed.  This congregation erected a house of worship in the town in 1880.  A two story school house was built in the village from 1881-82.  The old Pottersburg school district is now a part of the Marysville School District.  Today all that remains of Pottersburg is a few houses.

Stringtown - This was probably less of a village and more of a neighborhood.  There were a few houses at this location as well as a school.  However no record of a post office exists.  

Allen Center - The post office in this village was established on February 14, 1851 with Reuben Foote serving as the first postmaster.  The post office was closed on February 3, 1863.


Buck Run - This post office was first established on April 18, 1829.  It closed on December 29, 1830.  It reopened for the first time on April 3, 1832.  The post office remained open until September 5, 1834.  The post office reopened for the final time on June 3, 1839.  The post office was finally disbanded on March 8, 1843.


Pottersburg - This post office came into existence with the dropping of the "h" from Pottersburgh.  It officially existed from June 1, 1894 until October 30, 1926.  The Marysville Post Office now serves this community.  


Pottersburgh - This town gained a US post office on June 29, 1869.  Captain Jonas Cline served as the town's first postmaster.  This post office operated until May 31, 1894.  

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