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Paris Township

Parent Township(s):   

Paris Township was the fifth Union County Township formed.


First Settled:   approximately 1817

First Settler:   Abraham Amrine is credited with being the first permanent settler in paris Township.  He settled approximately two miles northwest of the eventual Marysville town site with his family.  This settlement was long known as the Amrine settlement. 

Surveyed:   The earliest surveys in Paris township date to 1798. 

Recorded:   March 12, 1821

Name Origin:  

Past and Present Towns and Places of Habitation:













































Past and Present US Post Offices:




One-Room Schools:   Blue, McFaddin, Amrine, Ginger Hill or Lee, Stubbs, Children's Home School, Rupright, Gilchrist, Newhouse, Taylor Number 10, and Weaver.  

Amrine Settlement - This settlement dates to 1817.  It was the neighborhood surrounding the area of the present day Amrine Cemetery off of Raymond Road.  There was once a covered bridge, built by Reuben L. Partridge, over Mill Creek in this area.  There was also the Amrine Methodist Church, which served as the neighborhood school, and two mills, a sawmill and a grist mill.

Dipple - This village was once at the location of the present day Scotts Company.  The village was never much more than a train station.  It has also been known as Dipple Station and Myers.

Elliottsburg - Elliottsburg was located in the general vicinity of present-day Cradler-Turner Road, Paver Barnes Road, Dog-Leg Road, Barker Road, and Northwest Parkway.

Elliotsville - This is another reference to Elliotsburg.

Fleetwood Park - This is a reference to the area between SR 4 and SR 31 north of the county fairgrounds.

Gilchrist Corners - This lost hamlet included the neighborhood surrounding the Gilchrist Homestead.  The Gilchrist House was located on the northwest corner of the present-day intersection of Industrial Parkway and Scottslawn Road.  At least one of the original barns for this farm are still standing in 2018.  The area is now owned by the Scotts MiracleGro Company.  The Gilchrist House was destroyed many years ago.

Marysville - Prior to the platting of a village on the present-day town site, a cabin was built here in approximately 1816 by Jonathan Sommers.  Marysville was surveyed by Charles Roberts for Samuel Culbertson on on August 10, 1819.  At that time the area was a part of Delaware County.   Mr. Culbertson had purchased the land for $1 from a Miss Margaret Bailey.  This land included 450 acres of land.  Mr. Culbertson named the village Marysville in honor of his daughter, Mary.   The first permanent settlers credited to live in Marysville were Matthias Collins, Samuel Miller and John Leeper.  The first Union County Court House built in Marysville was erected in 1822.  The US Postal Service lists the establishment of the Marysville Post office as March 23, 1823.  The first post master was Silas G. Strong.  A Methodist Episcopal Church was established in the town in 1827.  This congregation built its first church building in 1837.  This church is known today as the Marysville First United Methodist Church.  In 1829 a Presbyterian Church was established in this town.  This congregation built its first church building in the following years and occupied this structure by approximately 1836.  It is estimated that Marysville was incorporated in 1840, with Otway Curry serving as the first mayor.  In 1845 ladders were purchased for a proposed hook and ladder company (fire department.)  This original fire department was loosely organized and probably only existed for a short time.  A a hand fire engine was purchased by the town in 1865.  In 1881 horses were purchased by the town for use by yet another proposed fire company.  This paid fire company was officially organized in 1882.  The Bank of Marysville was organized in 1854.  The First Congregational United Church of Christ was founded in Marysville officially in 1864.  This church has its roots in the community prior to 1864 as a New School Presbyterian Church.  The present church for this congregation was erected in July of 1871, and it is currently the oldest church edifice in Marysville.  Construction of a town hall was completed in 1878.  The current Union County Court House was built in Marysville between 1880 and 1882.   By 1888, Marysville was the home of two newspapers, 6 churches, and three banks.  

The first schools of Maryville were held privately in the home of Silas Strong by his wife.  After the first courthouse was built in Marysville in 1822, school was held in the courthouse until 1831.  A schoolhouse was built in Marysville by late 1831.  By 1839 there were also two other public schools in Marysville.  One of  these schools was held in the Methodist Episcopal Church basement, and the other school was held in the Presbyterian Church basement.  1843 marked the year of the first high school in the town.  In 1847, two brick grade school buildings were erected on opposite sides of Marysville.  From 1844 to 1862 an academy existed in town that was privately funded, primarily through the efforts of Reverend James Smith of the Presbyterian Church.  In the early 1860s a large brick building was built near the present site of the Union County Office Building, eliminating the need for the Academy.  This building was known as the Old West Building.  Another building would later replace this building in 1914, and would eventually be torn down to make way for the county parking lot.  The original East School building was completed in 1877.  This building was very ornate and consisted of three stories.  In later years this building would be remodeled and the top story was removed.  Today the site is the location of East Elementary.  The Northwest School District was absorbed by the Marysville School District in 1962.  In 1965, a new high school was erected for the school district.  This school is the present Marysville Middle School.  In the 1990s the current Marysville High School was built.  The old middle school buildings were then sold to the county.

Trinity Lutheran Church has had a parochial school in Marysville since 1881.  This school teaches students up to the sixth grade.  The students from this school then transfer to other area schools to complete their education.


Myers - This village was never more than a station on the Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad.  By 1903 this station was known as Dipple.

Otter - Otter was loacted near present day Dog Leg Road and Westlake Lee Road.

Shady City - This is the name given to the settlement on the site of present day Marysville prior to 1820.  A quaker named Jonathan Sommers settled here in 1816.

Marysville - The Marysville post office was established in 1823 with Silas Strong as the first post master.

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