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Membership in our society runs from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year.   Membership includes a subscription to our newsletter, "Union County Echoes", which is published bimonthly.  A membership also includes unlimited queries to be placed in our newsletter and the opportunity to join our lineage societies, Union County Pioneers and Civil War Families of Union County.  If interested, please print out a membership form and mail to: 

Union County Genealogical Society

PO Box 438

Marysville, OH 43040-0438

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Honorary Lifetime Members
1. Margaret Bouic*          
2. David Markley*            
3. Margaret Markley*        
4. Dorothy McKitrick*       
5. Dorothy Robinson*      
6. Richard Seslar*          
7. Mary Seslar*            
8. Julia R. Yoder*
9. Ruth Stewart*              
10. Donald DeGood*
11. Virginia Smith
12. Nancy Katzenbach
13. Nina Boerger
14. Marie Bouic
15. Leona Gustafson
16. David Gustafson*
17. Rebekah Headings
     *denotes a deceased member
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