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Dover Township


Parent Township(s):   

Dover Township was originally part of Millcreek Township.  It was the thirteenth township to be formed in the county.


First Settled:   Winter of 1815

First Settler:   Jonathan M. Burroughs

Surveyed:   The first surveys for this area date to 1797.

Recorded:    March 5, 1839

Name Origin:   

Past and Present Towns and Places of Habitation:

Past and Present US Post Offices:





One-Room Schools:  Thompson, Springdale, Perkins, Tanner Crossing, Mt. Herman, Buxton, Taylor, and Dover.  

Henpeck Corners - This community was located east of present day New Dover at the current intersection of White Stone Road and US 36.

Dover - New Dover was founded as Dover.

New Dover - In 1852 the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railroad made its way through Dover township.  On May 11, 1854 land was surveyed for the village of Dover near the site of the railroad.  Adam Richey built the first house in the village in the fall of  that same year.  A harness shop was opened in the village in 1854.  By the early 1880s the town boasted a population of 150 people.  A sawmill was built in the village in 1881.   At one time the town supported three blacksmiths, a harness shop, a grain elevator, two general stores, and two tile factories.  Over time the name of this village evolved to New Dover.

A one-room school once existed in the village.  The Dover Rural School District was chartered in 1919.  The school building was erected in 1914.  This school district was eventually absorbed by the Marysville Exempted Village School District by 1957.

New Dover - A post office was established in the village of Dover on February 5, 1856 with J. Y. Sevirn's appointment as postmaster.  The post office was closed on April 30, 1935, with Mary Hush serving as the village's last post master.  The village currently receives mail service from Marysville.

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