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Jackson Township


Parent Township(s):   

This township was created from the northern portion of Leesburg Township in 1829.  This township was the ninth township in Union County created by county officials.


First Settled:   1826

First Settler:   Benjamin Carter

Surveyed:   The area was surveyed on June 3, 1829 by Levi Phelps for the purpose of establishing a new township.  Earliest land surveys date to 1820.


Name Origin:   

Past and Present Towns and Places of Habitation:

Past and Present US Post Offices:











One-Room Schools:  Bell, Stahl, Merit, Fountain Grove, Tanner Crossing, Carter, Tenery, Benedict, Wiley, Essex, Baldwin, Wiley, Cheney, Woodland, Swartz, and one Unknown. 

Essex  - This village was platted in 1836 in the hopes that a new county would be created in the area with Essex serving as the seat of justice.  The town was platted by Wiliam C. Lawrence for town proprietor John Cheney.  There was no building in the village until 1838 when Dr. David Welch built a house in the area.  At one time, this small village supported two general stores, a school, and one physician.

A small schoolhouse was erected in the village prior to 1846.  The Jackson Rural School District was later located in Essex.  The school building was erected in 1915, and it was later remodeled in 1922.  The district received its charter in 1917.  This district was later consolidated with other small districts in the northern part of Union County to form the North Union School District.

Rush Creek - This is the name of the post office that was once located in Essex.

West Jackson - West Jackson came into existence around 1920 and was once the site of two grocery stores, a school and the Union Baptist Church.  It was located at the present day intersection of Winnemec Road and SR 739.

Woodland - Woodland was first a station on the New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad.  It later consisted of a US post office, a mill, and a store that was opened in 1866.  The town was officially platted in 1883 for the Hazen family.  The town was to contain 100 lots.  At one point in time there was a grain elevator in the village.  There was also a school located in the village.

Rush Creek - This was the name of the post office established at Essex on July 13, 1848.  The first postmaster was Tabor Randall.  The post office was later called Essex.  The post office was closed on June 29, 1907.

Essex - 

Woodland - This was the name of a railway station and US post office on the New York Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad.  The post office opened on April 27, 1869.  Henry Hazen served as the first post master.  The post office remained open until October 15, 1907.

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